Front end web developer

Ignite Photos

Ignite Photos

Full-screen photography website - extensive work in PHP, HTML, CSS and jQuery. Resizes with the browser to maintain a consistent experience across devices.

Sick of traditional photography websites, I set about designing something a whole lot more beautiful to showcase my work.

This website had many features others do not, including:

  • Full-screen photos
  • history.pushState() for newer browsers with location hash fallback
  • jQuery photo picker
  • Navigation bar hides itself when not in use
  • Keyboard navigation
  • AJAX content loading

It also made use of responsive design - the photo resolution is chosen based on your screen resolution so users with a big screen will get a great quality image, while mobile users won't waste bandwidth. The navigation bar and title intelligently resized themselves to fit your screen, meaning the same website could be viewed on a 27" monitor and a 4" mobile phone and still look beautiful.