Front end web developer

All New RAV4

All New RAV4

I was lead developer on a project to gamify the Toyota website, in order to give away a 2013 RAV4. Attracted 100,000 users on its launch day.

I was lead developer on Finders Keepers - Toyota's attempt to raise awareness of its new 2013 RAV4 using entirely online media.

We built a game around the Toyota Australia website, in which users could hunt for tokens in order to gain points - whoever had the most points at the end of two weeks was awarded a new RAV4. Additionally, we gave away a RAV4 at random to somebody creating a new account on the day the competition launched.


Due to the high load, it was decided that the game should run as much as possible in the client side, for maximum scalability. We integrated with Gigya, who provided the gamification mechanic, and WPEngine, who hosted the site.

Another challenge was the requirement that the entire project be responsive - this was simple enough for our own code, but Gigya provided some screens that we could not modify. We managed to add our own custom CSS to make their forms responsive.


We had over 100,000 people play the game on it's launch day, March 25th 2013. Toyota's social shares were an important metric - while they normally sit at about 30 per week, Toyota received 14,025 in the first twelve hours of the competition alone.